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We are transitioning all of our clients who wish to continue with rehabilitation to telehealth consultations during this outbreak of COVID-19. You may be wondering how that works?

How is it possible that can we help you improve your injury and reduce your pain without you being in the room?

Just like a normal session you would have in the clinic; we are able to discuss your pain or problem and any relevant medical history. We can then identify your goals of treatment and identify a treatment plan identifying the steps that we need to get there. We can then observe your movement and ask you to perform certain exercises and tests live in the call.

The only difference between an online consultation and an in-person consultation is that we will not be able to use any hands-on techniques such as manipulation, massage or acupuncture. We will still be able to guide you with appropriate stretches or exercises to help you relieve your pain, improve movement and function We can educate you with regard the nature of your problem and how you can manage it successfully. We can also make suggestions regarding the use of other modalities that you can use at home such as self-massage, trigger point release, posture, breathing, heat or cold therapy. We can also recommend or refer you for an x-ray, ultrasound scan or to see a GP or specialist if necessary.

We will then provide you with an online video-based rehab exercise program, with check list that you can do in between sessions and arrange a follow up to monitor your progress and progress or change the exercises and self-management as appropriate.

Of course, hands on therapy is helpful and useful but it is often only a part of what we do, with the exercise and self-management being the most important aspects in rehabilitation.

So, if you cannot come into us, we can come to you through cyber space!

Practically we have made it a simple as possible. We will call you and then send you an email with a link that you can click on.

Once you have clicked that link, if payment is required you will be asked for your credit or debit card details to cover our reduced ACC co-payment or private fee. You will then be prompted to download an App called Zoom, which only takes a matter of seconds. Then we will be in a video conference together.

You might need to click “enable video” or “enable audio”, but essentially it is a simple as that and we will be on the phone with you to guide you through the process. It is very simple and easy, and we are sure that most people will have no difficulty with this.

We wish all our clients well through this time. Remember together we can all get through this.

Ashley and the team at Active Plus Milford 09 4898607

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    COVID-19 Update

    Under Red traffic light our clinic will now be open by appointment only with infection control measured and precautions. No vaccine certificate is necessary, however you will be screened prior to your appointment. Stay safe everyone Ashley and the team at Active+.
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