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Ashley Lake Ironman Taupo 2002
Ashley Lake Ironman Taupo 2002

Running technique and gait analysis

Ashley has been a competitive, runner, triathlete and swimmer and still competes in swimming for North Shore Masters. He has a PB of 1:16 for the half marathon, 35:00 for 10K, 10:07 for Ironman and 4:29 for Half Ironman. Trying to find an answer t the recurrent calf injuries that all but ended his career as a triathlete and runner have led Ashley into an interest and study of running gait, bio-mechanics and training. Gait analysis is part science and a bit of an art, that’s how I think of it. There is no one way to run correctly and there are many different vies out there of what is efficient running form. Using slow motion video I will have a look and analyse your running technique and while performing some other exercises. With this information and combined with a muscle balance analysis, we can look where improvements can be made, tailored to your particular injury problem that you may have and provide a plan including running drills, suggestions on running form and stretching or strengthening exercises to get you moving more efficiently. Hopefully you can become faster and less prone to injury.

Example of before and after

Before analysis, instruction, drills and gait modification, heal strike, poor posture and arm position, long trailing leg, poor hip and knee flexion, poor glut activation:

After, more up right, better arm position, mid foot strike, landing closer to COM, some work to go, but much better:

We can offer training advice, for your first 5km or if you are running a marathon or Ironman triathlon. Here is a useful article about increasing your mileage safely, I have always adopted the 10% rule.

How Physiotherapy can help keep you running

About Sports Injuries

According to ACC the most common sporting injuries are to the head, shoulders, hamstrings, knees and ankles. Contact sports tend to have more contact and acute injuries such as sprains, contusions, fractures and tears such as ACL or meniscus tears in the knee, whereas endurance sports like swimming, triathlon and running tend to have more overuse injuries, such as swimmers shoulder, runners knee, shin splints, back pain and tendinitis. Many sports injuries are easily preventable, which is an area where we can certainly help. The STAR balance test and Y excursion balance test have been shown in the research to be valid predictors of injury, also the FIFA 11+ has been shown to reduce injuries in football players. We can also help you rehabilitate from an injury, reducing pain and restoring movement, strength and function effectively to get you back into sport. We can help you prevent injury recurrence and even help  you to improve your sporting performance with suggestions around strengthening and agility training.

When should I see a Physiotherapist?

As a general guideline you should see a physio if:

  • You cannot continue normal sporting, work or daily activities due to pain or weakness
  • Your injury is recurrent.
  • You are concerned about recovery from your injury.
  • You are hoping to prevent injury in the future

Download this free ebook which answers 10 sports physiotherapy questions

as submitted by the public on Physiotherapy New Zealand’s Facebook page. You’ll find tips, advice and answers from 10 expert physiotherapists from around New Zealand.

Download sport ebook

Inside you will find out:

  • How to prevent shin splints
  • Whether to use strapping or bracing when coming back from an injury
  • What causes cramps and how to get rid of them
  • The best advice on warm ups and what types of stretches to use
  • Whether to use hot or cold water for recovery
  • And much more!


Sport and Physiotherapy Brochure

How physiotherapy helped Irene van Dyk stay at the top of her sport

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