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What a beautiful morning, reasons to be cheerful…..

I couldn’t help thinking as I rode on Auckland’s waterfront, what a beautiful city we live in and how lucky we are to be free to enjoy it. There really are few things better than cycling on a beautiful day, taking in the sights and sounds of our magnificent harbor. Living on the North Shore, I venture across the bridge only rarely, but it was well worth it today. Having been sedentary for the last two months, I was reminded again how good I feel when I exercise. How it instantly increases my confidence, my optimism, my sense of well being and well I guess you could call it aliveness. All my aches and pains seem to disperse as I once again start dreaming of competing, racing, returning to competition and maximizing my capacity, wondering how I let it slip for so long. Thoughts emerge of hitting the gym to build my flagging core strength and muscular weakness, hitting the pool at 5:30 am with my buddies from the Glenfield Tri Squad, who have probably almost forgotten what I look like, maybe even venturing back to take some stick from Stephen Farrell at the North Harbor Triathlon Club who quipped “you do know where we train don’t you?” the last time I saw him.
As a physiotherapist my thought also turn to my clients, who I am always pestering to exercise more. If I could bottle the feeling and give it to them “look this is how good it is…..just take the first step out of the door”. Of course regular exercise is not just a feel good pill. It is absolutely necessary for living a life worth living. Daily exercise has been shown to reduce the risk and severity of just about every chronic disease going, including, heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, osteoporosis, cancer, depression, osteoarthritis… the list goes on. So go on…… What are you waiting for?

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