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Time to do some training!

Are you like me? Do you need a goal or a challenge to motivate yourself? I know if I have an event planned, or a race to do I will do some training for it. I love competition, doing my best and racing. Nothing to train for then no exercise, for me it’s as simple as that. I know that exercise will help me live longer and better, but I need a goal. As much as I love exercise, I still need that challenge. That is partly why I entered the Ride to Conquer cancer and that is why I have now signed up for the whole North harbor triathlon club swim n run series at Takapuna beach starting next Wednesday. Now I HAVE to do some training! I don’t think one swim and a couple of jogs will cut it! Although I have been cycling hard for the last 3 months.
What goal or challenge are you going to set yourself to get out there and improve your health and quality of life?
We’d love to hear your stories……

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