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Ouch Patello femoral pain hurts!

So I treat this a lot and I have had it in the past, but yesterday I was reminded how painful it can be. While demonstrating how not to do an exercise to a patient, my knee went clunk and I had a sharp pain under my patella. That’s why you don’t do it that way I thought! Anyway so McConnell taping, quad stretching and rest from squatting and kneeling and one day later … perfect. Thank goodness for that. Good thing I know what to do now. 20 years ago I had the same problem and instead of doing the above, I went for a 10 km run. That resulted in a year of knee pain and ultimately surgery! So listen to your body folks, if it hurts, respect the injury, rest a day or 2 and you might be surprised. It is very easy to turn a niggle into a major problem.

Patello femoral taping

Patello femoral taping

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