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If I can do it so can you

About a year ago, I was enjoying that healthy buzz you get when you are training hard, while I was training for the Ride to conquer cancer. By the end of January though, after the summer holidays the wheels had fallen off somewhat and doing any form of exercise became a little shall we say sporadic. The aches an pains started coming back as did the lethargy. Of course I always think I’m going to be fit and healthy again one day, but inertia truly set in and I totally stopped walking the talk. A bit useless really when just about every patient I see at Milford Physiotherapy I encourage to get out and be more active. I truly began to believe that I actually was going to slowly fatten up, it felt just too hard to get up in the morning, get on the bike, swim or even go for a walk. (I know what you mean I can hear you saying!). I actually for the first time in years occasionally thought that I might never get back active again. I have gained 7kg this year, which for someone who has weighed the same as I did when I was 22 (74kg or there or there abouts) is a lot. Ten % of my body weight to be precise! Jeans are a squeeze and my gut sits on my thighs when I sit down! I am not in my happy place. I have NEVER weight more than 80kg in my life! So what happened today? I hadn’t planned it but I just got back on that bike. One hour thanks the “The Sufferfest” climbing Mt Blanc. Ok I could hardly walk when I got off the bike, but it feels really good. I intend to try and loose my gut by Christmas if I can. No more sugar and exercise everyday.

So if like me you have been putting off that exercise regime and you think that you’ve slipped so far down that there’s no coming back, then hey  no worries, just get back on the horse. you will feel great. Good luck and lets hope it lasts for all of us! wind trainer

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