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We are looking for a Physiotherapist to work part time in Milford. The ideal candidate will be experienced, have a Pilates qualification, excellent personal, communication and clinical skills and be interested in developing group exercise rehabilitation classes. If you are…

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Chocolate IS good for you

It’s a fact… Chocolate IS good for you, especially if you are female  ….European researchers have just published a study demonstrating that eating 6 grams of chocolate per day reduces blood pressure and risk of stroke and myocardial infarct in…

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Zumba! Everyone is talking about it. I love any new craze that get’s people out there moving. Go for it! Remember; start slowly, warm up, and pace yourself, or you may end up on my table having your aching joints…

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Weekend Movement

What are you going to do that is active this weekend? Research has shown that if we don’t exercise, our muscles will loose strength, our joints will stiffen, and our bones will become weak and brittle. So look after yourselves…

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