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We are a musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice that specialises in adults with pain or other problems, such as weakness, poor balance, coordination, or poor flexibility, that may be affecting the individuals’ physical performance and that are primarily caused by some form of dysfunction, injury or deterioration of the structure or the movement of the physical body.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is a special interest group under the umbrella of Physiotherapy that despite its name is not solely concerned with athletes or running onto the rugby paddock with magic water. Sports Physiotherapy has at its heart the promotion of exercise for general health, wellbeing, management of painful musculoskeletal conditions and the reduction of the risks of developing illness associated with inactivity, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Physiotherapists with an interest in sports medicine and sports physiotherapy are often athletes or ex athletes and continue to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Although no special qualifications are required to be a sports physiotherapist, many of us do commit to continuing further education and postgraduate study in the field.

Sports physiotherapists also have an understanding of the demands of the particular sport that they are involved in and have an interest in strength and conditioning training as well as biomechanics and endurance training. Here at Milford Physiotherapy we have a keen interest in endurance sport for example running, triathlon, cycling and swimming as well as rugby and other team sports. We have associations with Milford Tennis Club, North Shore Masters Swimming, Takapuna Harriers and North Harbour Triathlon Club.

At Milford Physiotherapy we use video analysis, muscle balance assessment and functional movement assessment together with manual muscle and joint testing to analyse, treat and prevent sports injuries. We have facilities for running gait analysis with a treadmill and slow motion video analysis. All of our physiotherapists are members of the special interest group Sports Physiotherapy New Zealand (SPNZ).

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Western Medical Acupuncture

Although it is thought the practice of acupuncture originated in Mainland China, it is now widely practiced by amongst others suitably qualified doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths in the West. For a physiotherapist to practice Western medical acupuncture it is a requirement for registration to complete a one year postgraduate certificate after graduation as a physiotherapist. The Western medical view of how acupuncture works is based in modern neuroscience rather than the Yin Yang and five element theory of Chinese traditional medicine. A significant amount of research has and continues to take place studying the neuroscience of pain and the neurophysiology associated with the benefits of acupuncture.

A physiotherapist who practices Western acupuncture is usually performing the practice to help relieve pain, for example pain relief for osteoarthritis, shoulder pain, lower back pain and head ache. Acupuncture is also used to help improve healing particularly in chronic injuries such as tennis elbow or Achilles tendonitis or as it is now known Achilles tendinopathy. Acupuncture can also be used help to reduce inflammation and swelling after an acute injury, for example after an ankle sprain or knee sprain.

A technique known as trigger point dry needling can also be utilised for the relief of myofascial trigger points and their associated muscular pain and dysfunction.

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