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Free ebook reveals how you can prevent back pain

A nationwide survey by Physiotherapy New Zealand has revealed that slouching and lifting heavy objects are often to blame for back pain.
More than 90% of those surveyed had experienced some type of back pain and they cited heavy lifting (35%) and poor posture (32%) as the top causes or triggers of their pain.
Free back pain ebook

Physiotherapy New Zealand has produced a free ebook called ‘Taking Care of Your Back’ on the treatment and prevention of back pain. For your copy click here
Tips for taking care of your back:

Stay active

One of the best things you can do for your back is to get some regular exercise everyday. The aim of this exercise (aside from making you feel good) is to build strong, flexible muscle that will help support your spine.
Avoid heavy lifting

Avoid lifting objects that are too heavy or ask someone to help you. When you do lift, do it with your knees. Pull in your stomach muscles, and keep your head down and in line with your straight back. Keep the object close to your body and avoid twisting while lifting.

Becoming more aware of your posture is the first step to improving it. Check yourself (you may like to set a reminder) throughout the day to see if your body is in alignment. Try to avoid unbalanced postures which include crossing the legs unevenly while sitting, hunching the shoulders or leaning the head to one side.
Take regular breaks.

Your body was not designed to sit all day so it’s essential to keep moving. If your job involves sitting in one position then make sure you take regular breaks. Stand up, stretch, or even do a little exercise.
If back pain persists more than a few days seek advice from a qualified, registered health care practitioner.

At Milford Physiotherapy all of our therapists are fully qualified, rigistered and very experienced with the management of acute and chronic lower back pain. If you want help or advice call us free on 0800 749946 for an appointment.

Early in 2014 we will be launching Milford Better Backs – a program aimed at helping you reduce your back pain, watch this space for further details.

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